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Guidelines for preparation of manuscript for Technical Papers / Short Communications on Open forum papers / Reviews of any paper in Journal or book published by IWWA:

General :

Responsibility for the contents of the technical paper/ short communications rests upon the authors, not upon the Hon. Editor or the Publisher. Papers are accepted on the understanding that these have been submitted only to the Journal of IWWA (JIWWA) and to no other Journal. It is important that the author must not publish the manuscript, once accepted by the JIWWA, later in any other Journal. Selected portions of the published paper in the JIWWA may be reproduced, provided that a written approval has been received from the Publisher.



Technical paper shall not exceed 4000 words while short notes / reviews shall be limited to 1000 words.


Title of paper, author’s names & affiliations including E-mail ID, Contact no. shall form part of the paper and shall be put up below the title of paper or in the footer of first page of paper. A separate word file shall not be added for the same. Please mention the contact author clearly, so that all correspondence in regards with the paper shall be made with one person only.


Abstract shall not exceed 100 words. After publication of paper the title with abstract of the paper shall be placed on web site of JIWWA. Abstracts are not required for short notes / paper reviews / discussion forum comments. However the reference of paper title, issue of JIWWA in which it was published shall be mentioned in the beginning of note.

Body of Text:

Body of text shall be neatly typed in 1.5 spacing. Recommended font is “ Times New Roman with font size of 12. The paper shall be submitted online (as given below) in PDF format only.

Contents of the manuscript of paper:

The contents should be as follows -

Introduction covering, background, scope and objectives of paper.

Main body

Summary and conclusions

References. (Only references incorporated in texts of main body shall be mentioned at the end of paper, properly numbered. In the text only these numbers shall be mentioned at appropriate places & not the names, year of publication of the reference.)

List of Tables, properly numbered & mentioned at appropriate location in the text.

List of Figures, properly numbered & referred in text appropriately.

Units- Authors must use Standard Indian units. Any alternative version of units may be added in parentheses following appropriate S.I. units.

All illustrations, sketches, drawings, Photographs shall be clear& suitable for reduction up to 30% of original size, Scan copies or photographs of figures not accepted.

Online Submission of papers-
1. The paper should be submitted online by creating author account on the following weblink

A login box is displayed for entering user_id and password. However as you are new user (Author) please click on the create new account link provided below the login box.
To use EasyChair, one should first create an account. The procedure for creating an account is the following.
a.    You should type the text that you see in the image below and click on "Continue".
b.    If you type the text correctly, you will be asked to fill out a simple form with your personal information.
c.    After you filled out the form, EasyChair will send you an email with a link that you can use to complete the account creation.
2. After login as an author, see a menu tab "New Submission", click on it.
3. Fill the author details and abstract (title,abstract,keywords)
4. Upload paper in pdf format.
5. Then click submit

Printing of Journal:

All the authors whose papers are accepted for printing in journal will be informed accordingly. They will also receive a complimentary copy of the journal on the postal address of contact author.

Hon. Editor
Journal, IWWA